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03 Jan 2001

With Chiara in dreams

Before i start this: Chiara there ain't nothing personal in this thing i shall tell now, you know, dreams one can't have control over them!!
You are out of this world, your dreams are the best , they are those which go more deeper in one... those of the dirty kind, those ones which one never dares, but this one turns you on even more.
Well then, try to make more light let's see how i tell it, but the other night i had dreamt about you. In an instant, it was you and me, in some kind of big house, from a house we couldn't escape from: like that of the big brother, but more avant-gardism the way it appear.
At the centre of this house there was a big screen which from the other side your husband could see you, with a serious attitude, he was watching over you to see your betrayal: i don't why, i had read your dreams in this site, or some how got to know knowledge about this in a certain way.
Your presents near is like a nightmare, and you was scared about this fact, domained by some fear. You know who i was, i knew it so well it was "Chiara of dreams" . And even i felt trapped in this sitaution. I try to comfort myself talking to you, but you was so indifferent, you was so scared to bring up any suspects of betrayal towards your husband he still is watching you all the time.
Well i go around in this house. I think why i find myself here, and how i came here in the first place i can't explain . A flashback, i recall that you was there as well, like a spark, more strong the feeling of been turned on.
It reminds me of your strong sexaul charge the thought of facing you. Come back to you the idea of you pulling down my trousors and pants could see that scene of that show, when i see you i think twice about it, there are three motives: 1) tell why in front of a lady i never do the thing i shouldn't do 2) tell me why you are so scared 3) tell me why your husband is not the only one who's watching there are others as well, like the big brother.
I hit the stars when i'm turned on my desire is not to turn it down. After a while recall that moment of you turning me on at the sight of my dick and i say take off your knickers under the trousors, to focus upon the boner. After you take notice, from that moment of crises, i can see you are turned on as well you can't deny it; you find me so cool i seem to put you in a trance every time. When i move near i seem to be careful, like this after a few minutes you give a good old pat on the hand. By now i totaly turned on, and that way of yours gives me the charge: i began to touch myself below the belt, afterwards i began to wank myself off always from below. You continue to watch me with that desire, but as always without doing nothing because your husband continue to watch us in a serious way.
Meanwhile, this strange sitaution every one can see by all first to slow down, now i'm so turned on is like dying of desire, it's now "everything at risk why not risk it", i have to pull out , always continuing to wank myself. At the scene of my dick with a boner even you have a sign of giving in to sin, but you have done nothing yet.
Not even i had moved yet, i know (hoping for the best) you in the end will surrender, every time i'm gonna come stop for a while and after to return again. The night falls, from the screen i see your husband show some sign of giving in, some times he closes his eyes. At a certain point comes out of the screen, may be might have a bath or might go for a coffee. I continue to have a wank. You are scared he might return, this might be the only moment you could have with me.
You continue to have desire for me, control behind the screen there ain't no one you lower yourself. You stop in front of the hood and give it a good old lick; then to return up there. After a few seconds come down again: another lick at it. After another few more seconds come down but this time you stop to lick more times: but you don't do me a blow job, it's easy to do just lick the dick in a sweet way and amaze me. My dick is at max of it's drive: you put your hand forward and began to touch it, you like to touch it. There ain't nothing else to do but to look you in those green eyes and make you understand it's that moment.
Now i take it all in my mouth and start to move around your waiste backwards and forwards i get that sexaul feeling. In a few seconds the liquid which i kept for all that time comes out and it opens your mouth from a long fall. I wanna make you take it all down. In the moment look at the screen i see the face of your husband white as a ghost, powerless to react in front of this scene. To see him in this state makes me more wild to continue to cover you all over with juice even your mouth. At this point finishs my dream.
As i already said about, Chiara, there ain't nothing against you in a personal way, i don't seem to insult you about this story.
It's easy to see was only a dream , i must say it was a great dream and if i had a chance for it to happen i wouldn't even think twice about it!!!

Andrea, M, 18, Arezzo, Italia

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