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15 Feb 1999

The truth and the dream

The truth...... my wife readily admitts that while she loves me with all her heart her old boyfriend Criag was the best lover that she has ever had. Gale describes him as follows: 6'2" 200lbs, real goodlooking (emphasis on real), soft lips, the best kisser, great body, tight ass, owner of the biggest dick she's ever had (9 almost 10 inches compared to my 6 inches), has a perfect stroke, and she can cum in her panties just thinking about him! While we're having sex Gale often tells in great detail what he d id to her and how good he was at it. Suffice it to say it really turns me on to hear my sweet wife talk about her old beau and I would love for them to get back together one more time so I could watch. But that isn't likly to happen..... so all I have left is........
The dream..... its summer and we end up at the same vacation spot with her old boyfriend which is not all that unlikly because we vacation in Florida where Criag's father owns a beach condo. Gale loves the beach while I hate it. I love to play golf while G ale hates it so much she doesn't even like to ride in the cart with me. So it should be no surprise that I am in the hotel room getting ready to go to the golf course while Gale is reading a book and relaxing on the beach. My wife is about 5"8" tall 130lb s. She has black curly hair, big full lips, the most beautiful pale skin, long legs, a round tight ass, slutty looking breasts with blood red nipples. She thinks I've already left as I watch from just inside the sliding glass door of our room. Suddenly a man comes up to her that she obviously recognizes and to my surprise so do I. Its Criag. I'd seen him before but not with just wearing his swim shorts. I have to admitt that he's intimidating. I'm not gay nor have I ever had any homosexual feelings but believe me when I tell you this guy is a stud! With thick jet black hair and mustache, tall, and with a body that hasn't seemed to age. He sits down besi de her.... I step back from the glass door. He gets closer, she gets closer. They laugh, they talk, they touch. Gale then looks back at our room gets up and walks toward the room. As she comes in I act surprised and as if I was headed out the door myself. I tell her Im leaving for the golf course and won't be back for about 4-5 hours and maybe even later if I play an extra 9. She gives her consent and quickly goes to the mirror and begins to "doll" up all the while stating shes just gonna hang out on the b eack all day. I go put my clubs in the car drive off while she watches. When as I can see in my rear view mirror she goes back inside I quickly pull the car around and park at the furtherest end of the parking lot. I walk around behind our hotel room and wait until I see her walk back outside. Boy for someone who's just gonna "hang around on the beach" she sure looks good! She has on tight white shorts and a cut off t-shirt thats almost see-thru! When Gale goes out I go back in the front way and hide in our closet. I put a mound of suit cases and hanging garment bags in front of me, open the closet door. I have a perfect view of the kingsize bed. Now all thats left to do is hope and wait... and wait... and wait.... almost ready to give up I hear the sliding glass door grind open. It sends a chill down my spine. When I hear a male voice along with my wifes that chill buries deep in the pit of my stomach. I hear Criag say "how much time do we have?" Gale responds by saying, "more than enough, but a lot less t han I want". As they both laugh he guides her to the side of the bed where they wrap their arms around each other. Gale gasps and their lips touch in a soft kiss. She looks into his eyes as they suddenly clinch one another and share a deep almost pain rel ieving kiss. There hands begin to wander over each other. Criag stick his hand in my wifes shirt and softly kneeds her breast. He takes her shirt off. They kiss again as Gales rubs her hands all over his hard hairy chest. When he pinches her erect nipple between this thumb and forefinger she releases a whimper and returns the favor by placing her hand on his crotch. She then searches for the direction of his cock. When she finds it she moans. Criag then gently pushes my wife down to her knees while Gale t akes his storts down to his ankles. He has the biggest dick I have ever seen. It dwarfs my wifes hands as she wraps her lovley fingers around the thick base. Gale looks back up at her lover and whispers "i've really missed your big dick". Criag qucikly an swers with "my big dick has really missed you". My wifes delicous lips then form a perfect circle and she puts them around his enormous head. She struggles to go down on it. But inch by lovely inch she swallows him. She takes it out of her mouth and begins to lick it as if it were a piece of candy. His whole dick, balls and all, are glistening now with her lust. She takes his cock in her mouth again as her head begins to bob up and down, up and down, up and down... man she's beautiful when she's sucking dick. Criag then stands her up takes her in his ar ms and deposits her on the bed. He lays down beside her and starts sucking her breasts. Gale holsd on to the back of his head with one hand while she takes the other and squeezes his cock. He takes his right hand and un-does her shorts sliding them down to reveal a neatly trimmed pussy with a swollen a clit as any women has ever had. While he still sucks her tits he fingers her clit. Gale begins to squirm and buck her hips. Criag is in complete control of her body and she loves it. Suddenly he spreads h er thighs and positions himself between her open legs. She looks down as he inserts the head of his big dick in her wet pussy. Gale moans like I've never heard her moan before. She starts saying "oh shit, oh shit, you're the best fuck I've ever had, oh fu ck, you've got a huge dick" as Criag slowly inches himself inside my wife. I wasn't sure she could take all of it his prick was so big.... but she did. I found out that the perfect stoke my wife often talked of him having was the long, deep, slow stroke of a master. His tan tight ass was in perfect contrast with my wifes pale white thighs and her red-tipped finger nails clutching his ass as she asked him to cum inside her. She moaned louder and louder with each deep slow stroke. But suddenly her lover incr eased the speed and strength of his pumps. Gale was enjoying it so much she was almost in tears as his kisses muffled the sounds of her moaning. Suddenly Criag announced he was cumming. Gale bucked her hips to meet his final stroke, clutched his ass, and said "OH FUCK" one final time as he colapsed on top of her in one big hot sweaty heep. Criag lay inside my wife for what seem like an hour as they kissed and fondled one another. Before he left he fucked her two more times this one even more passionate th an the last. At the door it sounded like they kissed like a long time before he left. Gale shuts the door and goes to the shower. That night Gale says she doesn't feel good enough to get fucked (I suspect her pussy was sore) but does give me the blow job of my life. The next night after shes had a day of rest I tell her what I saw and that it was more than ok and that Im glad she enjoyed him one more time. Gale says that she'll never do it again. I say..... she can and she better just so long as I can watc h. Man, I sure do wish that the dream was the truth.

Anonymous, M

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